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Umbrella Payroll Solutions.

Unlocking the Benefits of Umbrella Companies

Whether it's to navigate IR35 regulations, or simply to streamline payment processes, a majority of contractors now prefer umbrella companies for their payments, knowing that their tax responsibilities are managed seamlessly. By opting for our services, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with consistent employment status for purposes like loan and mortgage applications. You'll also receive benefits such as holiday pay, sick pay, maternity, and paternity pay, all while retaining the flexibility and independence of contracting.

Swift Payment Processing.

At Paytech Umbrella, receiving your payment is a seamless process. As soon as we receive the funds for the work you've accomplished, we initiate your payroll, handling all PAYE deductions and HMRC submissions on your behalf. Rest assured, there are no concealed charges; all deductions will be transparently outlined on your payslip for your review. You'll receive the remaining funds on the very same day!

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Adaptable PAYE Employment.

Opting for an umbrella company transforms you into a Pay As You Earn (PAYE) employee, granting you access to the full range of benefits accorded to employees. This encompasses enrolment in a workplace pension, eligibility for maternity/paternity pay, sick pay, and holiday pay. Additionally, your employee status can be advantageous when you're applying for loans or mortgages.

Swift Payment Processing.

We process your payment on the very day we receive your funds, eliminating the need for you to follow up. You can effortlessly monitor your payment's status in real-time, anytime and anywhere, through our online portal.

Future Planning with Workplace Pension.

Invest in your future by participating in our Workplace Pension Scheme. Paytech is legally obligated to enrol you into our pension scheme, enabling you to increase your retirement savings plan each time you are paid, securing your future faster.


Or dedicated and friendly customer support team is here for you. They are easily contactable and highly knowledgeable, freeing up time for more important matters in your life.

Holiday Pay.

Rest easy when it comes to time off—we ensure you receive the Holiday Pay you're entitled to. Your Holiday Pay details will be clearly presented on each payslip, guaranteeing full transparency in your payroll.

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