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Empowering Contractors with Assurance.

Exceptional umbrella payroll services delivered by a proactive and insightful team.

Setting Us Apart.

From the moment you connect with us, our warm and dedicated team stands ready to assist you with your payroll needs. Contractors can trust in the fact that our payroll undergoes independent audits to ensure utmost accuracy. We are fully committed to delivering a compliant umbrella payroll solution that serves the best interests of both our agencies and contractors.

Here to Assist Whenever You Need.

Our contractors can say goodbye to cumbersome administrative tasks! The registration process is simple, no more tedious paperwork, no more hassle.


Analysing the Numbers Together.

Our friendly Welcome Team is here to offer you a precise calculation tailored to your specific situation and circumstances.

Prioritising Contractors' Well-being.

Experience the advantages of full-time employment while retaining the flexibility of contracting. Joining us is a seamless process, with online sign-up and convenient access, ensuring your information is at your fingertips whenever you require it.

A Welcoming and Transparent Approach.  Expect nothing less than exceptional service from our experienced and affable customer service team. Our staff are highly trained to address your inquiries and swiftly resolve any concerns you might encounter.

That's the essence of Paytech Umbrella.

Know Someone Who Could Benefit?

If you're finding our service valuable, why not spread the word among your friends and colleagues? When they sign up based on your recommendation, you could qualify for 2 Free Timesheets. Just get in touch with our team to provide their details! Give us a call at: 01932 544 134.

Connect with Our Team to Get Started!

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